Our HEROES share their stories on how we've had the opportunity in being the guide of their movement health journey. Whether it's reaching performance goals or just feeling better, Genesis Performance is here to serve you!



She's in her 40's but she looks and moves like she's in her 20's. She keeps her body young and youthful with her weekly dose of flow!


He owns a bike shop. Used to cycle competitively, still loves to ride. He's in his 60's and stays healthy with a balanced movement nutrition of cycling and loaded movement training.



She loves her fitness time, she loves to move her body, and she loves Genesis Performance for helping her discover new ways to stay healthy, fit, and strong!



"I increased my strength and speed during my off seasons when I played minor league hockey and even now it keeps me in the movement health that I need to still play competitively."


"I have been training with Shawn and Genesis Performance for almost 4 years. I look forward to the class because it's so fun and engaging. I just feel stronger and ready for anything"


"Went surfing today. First time in weeks. Even with my body being completely fried from our workout yesterday I gotta tell you I've never had better endurance or paddled stronger than I did today."


"I have trained with Genesis Performance for almost 4 years and ever since I started I feel like I can get to any ball on the tennis court!"


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